About Us

IPDG3 started in early 1997 with a few friends. Since then we have added new people while some pursue other life goals. We have always strived to have an open community with vast channels of communication with others dedicated to learning new technologies and expanding their horizons. As with most businesses networking is an essential.

Our mission statement "Giving you the tools to build future business today". We stand by that mission by offering you tools and technologies to help grow your business. With programming standards constantly changing to new and more innovative ways to program, developers are forced to evolve at a lightning pace.

Here at IPDG3 we understand these changes and want to help make sure that your business does not fall behind. Our innovative resources are an effective gateway for us to develop and program solutions that fit your business needs. We focus on integrating new ideas, technology, and business objectives.

We also understand that as vast as today's marketplace is that does not always mean you can find the solutions to problems with off the shelf software. We have designed and developed many solutions to help business's stay on track for the ever-changing business dynamics around us.

Our partner site aside from the business site also offers help for your own internal development. www.ipdg3.com who's mission statement is "Helping Developers and Programmers Find Resources". Here we offer resources for ASP, C/C++, CSS, CGI, Delphi, DHTML, Java, JavaScript, .NET, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, XML, Zope, databases, networking and many others. We also have source code, tutorials, book reviews, contest, forums and other computer Q&A.